How to install MS-DOS 6.22 to VirtualBox on Ubuntu

Why? Because it is funny :)

We need VirtualBox (aptitude install virtualbox-ose), MS-DOS 6.22 (there is a torrent) and  another bootable MS-DOS disk (from

First make a 2 GB (it is huge) or smaller virtual hard drive. “File -> Virtual Media Manager”. Choose “Hard disks” tab. Click “New”. “Next”. Choose storage type, “Next”. Call somehow, choose size, “Next”. “Finish”.

Floppy images from mentioned above torrent didn’t work for me. But converting them with qemu-img to qcow2 and back to raw helped:

qemu-img convert -O qcow2 DOS622_1.IMG disk1.qcow2
qemu-img convert -O raw disk1.qcow2 disk1.img

In “Virtual Media Manager” choose “Floppy Disks” tab. Add all three converted floppy images and the image from

Create a virtual machine in VirtualBox. Click “New”. “Next”. Name it, choose OS Type “Windows 3.1″, “Next”. Give some memory (I gave 64MB), “Next”. Choose previously created hard disk or create a new one, “Next”. “Finish”.

“Insert” a floppy from (622C.IMG) and start VM. (disk1 Should do “fdisk” and “format c:” part but it didn’t work for me.)



Press “enter” three times. Turn off and on the VM.


format c:




Write something or nothing as a volume label, “enter”.

“Insert” disk1.img. Turn off and on the VM.




“Insert” disk2.img, “enter”.

“Insert” disk3.img, “enter”.

“Remove” floppy. Turn off and on the VM.

MS-DOS 6.22 is installed!

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